Vlog: Toe Tips Q&A – Dr. Reed 06/21

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Toe Tips Q&A

How can you be sure to take the best care of your toenails at home?

The best care you can take is to cut them straight across to prevent ingrowns, dry them off completely after the shower or being in any water as this will help prevent any fungal issues under the nails and between the toes.

What are some common toenail issues?

Typically among pediatrics Ingrown toenails are very common among active patients in this age group. In the older population it is common to see fungal toenails including thick and brittle nails.

What are toenail red flags?

Typically anything on the skin including discoloration, swelling, or abnormal heat. If there’s pain, there’s pathology. It is important to come see the doctor concerning any of these abnormalities.

What should I do if my toenails are thickened?

So if you have thick toenails that can be due to a fungal infection under the nail. This is something very easily treated and you should come see the podiatrist as soon as possible to get it taken care of.

How will I know if I have an ingrown toenail?

Usually there is redness around the offending nail border, usually severe pain accompanying this, oftentimes it is infected and pus will be present coming out of the skin. This happens when the nail curves under the skin or the skin grows over the nail.

How can I prevent ingrown toenails?

Cut your toenails straight as possible and do not dig out the corners. When you try to dig out the corners of your nail there tends to be a leftover spicule or spike that irritates the surrounding skin, causing inflammation, causing an ingrown toenail.

How do you treat toenails in the clinic?

Treatment in the clinic ranges from procedures for ingrown nails, permanently or temporary removal of the nail. Fungal involvement may need a topical or oral prescription to clear it up. I may recommend taking a sample of any infection and sending it to the lab to confirm the suspected pathogen.

Who should see a podiatrist for issues with their toenails?

Everyone! If you have issues with your toenails, you should come in and see me for an appointment where I can provide you with options and solutions. This will be a quick assessment where we can discuss your toenail treatment. I would recommend anyone with potential nail issues to come in and see a podiatrist at Rocky Mountain Foot And Ankle so that we can provide you with an optimal solution to your pain or problems.

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