Welcome to Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle’s blog! We hope that this serves to help our patients and potential patients make decisions about their health. I will be publishing at least one update per month on topics related to the foot and ankle and hope to get your feedback! Think of this as a way to interact with your doctor without having to see your doctor! Think of this as a forum to discuss topics of health and fitness or specific problems with the feet! I will do my best to entertain and enlighten, so keep those questions coming.

    • 19 MAR 18
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    Put Some Spring in Your Step

    By Dr. Justin P. Hooker March 20 is officially the first day of spring. If you are interested, The Old Farmer’s Almanac provides some fascinating information about the Spring Equinox. Traditionally, spring is the time to spring clean your house. But, what about taking a fresh look at your body, including your feet? If your

    • 14 MAR 18
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    Rah! Rah! Foot and Ankle Injuries in Cheerleading

    By Dr. Jed H. Erickson Did you know that March is National Cheerleading Safety Month? Under the auspices of CheerSafe, a coalition of national, regional and state organizations, March is dedicated to spreading the word about cheerleading safety issues throughout the cheerleading community. This community includes the cheerleaders, their coaches and parents.   How Cheerleading

    • 05 MAR 18
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    Why Should I go to the Doctor for a Broken Toe?

    By Dr. Roman Burk When you stub your toe or drop a weight on it at the gym, it’s hard to say what comes first — the pain or the swearing! And, if the toe bone is broken, it’s hard to believe how much a small bone can hurt. You’ve probably heard that there’s nothing

    • 26 FEB 18
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    Why Are My Toenails Yellow?

    By Dr. Justin Hooker Ugh! You hate looking at your toenails – they are yellow and ugly! Yellow toenails can be the result of various conditions, personal habits, or diseases. The discoloration can affect one toe, a couple of toes, or all of them. The amount of yellowness can also vary. You should realize that

    • 20 FEB 18
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    Ways to Prevent Foot Pain While Ice Skating

    By Dr. Roman Burk The Winter Olympics are upon us, and many eyes will be watching the figure skaters. You can enjoy skating even if you’ll never make the Olympic team. (Here’s an article from Sports Podiatry on how the sport affects the feet of world-class figures skaters). Skating is great exercise and a lot

    • 12 FEB 18
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    6 Simple Stretches to Reduce Foot Pain

    By Dr. Justin Hooker Over the years I’ve met with many patients who experience occasional foot pain. Some days they cruise around town with a spring in their step. Other days might leave them feeling anything but ‘springy.” What gives? Well, there are many factors that can cause occasional foot pain. A really long day

    • 06 FEB 18
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    What’s Causing My Child’s Pigeon Toe?

    “Dear Dr. Burk, I’ve noticed recently that my child walks with her feet turned inward? Should I be worried? Is it possible she has pigeon toe?” The short answer? It is possible that your child has pigeon toe. However, before you start getting worried, there are a few things you need to know about pigeon

    • 29 JAN 18
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    What Women Need to Know About Gout

    By Dr. Jed Erickson While gout has long been believed to be more associated with males, a growing number of women are becoming all too familiar with this diagnosis. In fact, over 8 million Americans have experienced gout, and while it remains more common for males, rates in females have started to rise–especially in the

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