Welcome to Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle’s blog! We hope that this serves to help our patients and potential patients make decisions about their health. I will be publishing at least one update per month on topics related to the foot and ankle and hope to get your feedback! Think of this as a way to interact with your doctor without having to see your doctor! Think of this as a forum to discuss topics of health and fitness or specific problems with the feet! I will do my best to entertain and enlighten, so keep those questions coming.

    • 12 MAR 19
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    Why Do My Toenails Fall Off?

    By: Dr. Jed H. Erickson A common condition that affects toenails is when they start to fall off or separate from the nail bed. One of the reasons this can occur is trauma to the toe. You might have stubbed it or suffered an injury to your toe while playing a sport or exercising. In

    • 06 MAR 19
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    I Have Diabetes. Do I Need a Podiatrist?

    By: Dr. Jed H. Erickson As a podiatrist, one of the most common questions I am asked by patients is this – can a podiatrist help with my diabetes? The answer is YES. Foot care is a crucial aspect of an overall treatment plan for patients diagnosed with diabetes. It is important to know that

    • 26 FEB 19
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    What Do I Do If I Have Toenail Fungus?

    By: Dr. Roman Burk The average worker wears shoes for 9-12 hours a day. If their shoes are uncomfortable or if their socks are not made of breathable material, moisture will accumulate inside the shoes – ideal conditions for fungus to grow. A fungal infection can make its way in through cuts in the skin

    • 21 FEB 19
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    How Can I Tell If My Big Toe Is Broken?

    By: Dr. Roman Burk Everyone has felt the intense pain of a stubbed toe. The pain, even though it lasts for a couple seconds or more can be excruciating until it subsides. You might feel a little throbbing pain for a few hours before the pain goes away completely. All of this is normal. However,

    • 16 FEB 19
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    The Right Way to Cut Your Toenails

    By: Dr. Roman Burk A common question I hear from my patients is this – “What is the RIGHT way to cut my toenails?” Although it may sound rudimentary to some, there IS a right way (and a wrong way!) to trim those nails. If you are not careful, you can easily end up with

    • 16 FEB 19
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    How Does Gout Affect the Feet and Ankles?

    By: Dr. Roman Burk Gout is a painful form of inflammatory arthritis which affects the joints. Although it can impact the joints of your wrists, fingers, and elbows, it is the joints at the base of the big toe and the ankles which are mainly affected. Gout attacks happen suddenly, and in most cases, the

    • 08 FEB 19
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    Sole Purpose Sock & Shoe Drive 2019

    Sole Purpose Sock & Shoe Drive 2019

    Thank you to everyone who donated to our sock and shoe drive November 1-January 31. We had so much participation from the community and all the sock and shoe donations filled an entire van to benefit the “Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter” in Boise. Buzz, an employee at the Interfaith shelter, said they appreciate the donations. We

    • 28 JAN 19
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    How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot: Symptoms, Risks, and Treatment

    By Dr. Jed H. Erickson Athlete’s foot is one of the most common fungal infections which affects the skin of the feet. What adds to the risk factor is that athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis, is a contagious infection, and if ignored, can easily spread to other areas including the toenails, between the

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