Vlog: MLS Laser Therapy – Dr. Burk 11/21

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MLS Laser Therapy

Hi, I’m Dr. Roman Burk from Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle, and this is our MLS Laser Therapy video.

I’m frequently asked “What is an MLS Laser?” and “What does it stand for?” MLS actually stands for multi-wave locked system and it’s a laser that is used to treat soft tissue injuries. Frequently people ask me “Hey, is it safe to use a laser? It sounds like maybe I would get burned using a laser?” and the truth is if this is a special type of laser that doesn’t actually burn or cut. This is one of many types of frequencies and wavelengths that can be used in the light spectrum to heal injuries of the soft tissues.

The best candidates for these types of therapies are people with long-term soft tissue injuries that are chronic, so in the foot and ankle, a prime example of that would be the achilles tendon. For folks who’ve had long-term achilles tendon injuries, MLS Laser Therapy can really work wonders for them. Another one might be plantar fasciitis. For people who have had chronic plantar fasciitis, who haven’t gotten better with traditional methods, we found that this has been really successful at treating those types of individuals. It certainly can be used along the way for less chronic patients but it is something that would have to be determined based upon your treatment plan.

Often people ask me “Hey, how do I know that this is gonna work for me?” and the truth is is that it does take several sessions with a laser to see the results, but based upon your doctor’s prescription plan for the use of the laser you should see improvement and possibly resolution of your symptoms after six to ten treatment sessions. In fact, I just spoke to a patient today who had had her tenth laser therapy session and she told me deliberately, “I didn’t turn the corner until that 10th application and then it was as if everything changed at once!” so it’s really been a great tool in our practice to help patients feel better.

As you can tell the laser itself sits here over top of a patient’s foot or ankle area and is dialed into that particular area. Based upon their diagnosis, a patient would sit here on the table and lay in position for approximately four to seven minutes in order to receive treatment, and they would be able to sense that the laser was working as well as to hear the laser itself. Our particular MLS laser is automated so once we’ve set it and programmed it, we essentially assign it the location to the patient and it will track directly where we need that laser application to go.

So we’re really excited about this modality in our practice and it’s made a big impact in a lot of the outcomes we’ve seen with patients who have these types of soft tissue injuries. I might add that it’s also a really good modality to use after surgery of any kind, as it does help to decrease scarring in the foot and ankle area significantly. So with that in mind it certainly is one of many things that can be used, but it would be based upon whether or not it’s best indicated for whatever medical condition we’re treating. That’s it! it’s very easy and simple to use, we love having it in our practice, and we’re excited to be able to offer it to our patients if that’s what they need.

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