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I was very impressed with Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle. I appreciated Dr. Burk’s attentiveness to the current condition of my feet. Also the insight into what may be contributing to the swollen condition of my left leg. I definitely will be following up with my primary care physician. I found the staff to be very courteous and pleasant.
– Debra B

Dr. Burk is informative and always helpful. He demonstrates concern for the patient’s overall health. I always recommend him.
– Kathleen J

Dr. Burk took time to explain my foot pain in detail. I would go see him again for any other foot problems.
– Peter M

Excellent service and professional, personable care.
– Neil S

Excellent doctor and staff!
– Anonymous

I am very very grateful for Dr. Burk and his staff. I was referred by my primary doctor back in March to the office as a second opinion. I’ve had a heck of a time since I broke my foot back in January and with them all by side through this I’m not sure where’d I’d be. They all are kind, caring and treat me with the upmost respect. Thank you for all your help and support. The only negative thing is it’s been a very long painful experience, I’m ready to be healed, walk, and return to work soon. Thanks again Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle TEAM!!
– MArie B

Dr. Burk and his staff are great!!!! Compared to most Dr. visits I attend with a family of 4, the Rocky Mtn. staff is able to stick to the appointment time and get us in & out in a timely manner, while still taking the necessary time needed & providing excellent care. As a patient, my daughter loves Dr. Burk and as a Mom, I would recommend him and his team to anyone needing any kind of foot care.
– Abigail R

The foot doctor took care of an ingrown toenail. It was taken care of very comfortably. There was a lot of effort into making me feel comfortable and at easy through the whole time.
– Nathan W

Love love love these guys! Not only was it professional but it was fun. The staff was like hanging out with friends. Very happy with Dr. Ericsson and his staff they were great and follow-up was excellent!
– Sandra F

Doctor Erickson and staff are great. Very caring and very patient oriented.
– Haroline W

This is the best and most informative foot doctor I have been to. Thank you.
– Linda K

Friendly, knowledgeable and professional .
– Anonymous

Great place, great staff, and great Dr. Burk.
– Anonymous

I can’t remember the name of the woman who clips my toenails but she is fantastic. She is gentle and very thorough. I like her alot. It is hard to find someone who cares about what they are doing to your feet. That is the reason I left the last foot doctors office, because they hurt my feet when cutting the toe nails. Thank you to her.
– Linda K

I would recommend anyone to Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle. The service and care that I received was excellent. My doctor took his time with me and was very patient and helpful. I have now been diagnosed and am receiving the proper care and support for my foot condition.
– Patty A

I’ve been the see Dr. Burk twice and I’m so impressed by his ability to diagnose and treat my problem. I’m so grateful to him for all his help
– Rose C

Excellent interpersonal skills and pleasant office environment. Professional, caring attitude and made me feel at home and comfortable in a medical office. Honest, straightforward medical care.
– Niel S

Dr. Burk took time to explain my foot pain in detail. I would go see him again for any other foot problems.
– Peter M

Dr. Burk and his staff are wonderful. It is the best medical office I have been to. They are professional, but are also friendly and compassionate. I would recommend them to anyone needing help with their feet or ankles. I wish all offices were run this way.
– Christina T

Was impressed with how much time Dr. Burk spent to explain my injury. Wasn’t trying to rush me through. I would definitely recommend him.
– Anonymous

The doctor was great and explained exactly what was going on with my foot in detail. I would recommend Rocky Mountain to anyone!
– Anonymous

Dr Burk is a fantastic. He always takes his time with his patients.
– Tonya T

Taking care of my issues at time of appointment instead of making another appointment and ‘repairing’ my issues.
– Judy P

Great doctor and a wonderfully staff. Highly recommend them.
– John D

They are the best!
– Kristin J

One of the best Foot and Ankle doctors in Idaho.
Dr. Burk was genuinely interested in my problem. I’ve gone to nine different foot specialists, and was at my wit’s end. The last doctor before I found Dr Burk had damaged the nerves in my foot–I did not know this and lived with this pain for 4 years, until I decided to give it one more try to find someone to help with the pain.
Dr. Burk performed a biopsy and found the problem at my first appointment. What a relief! I truly regret seeing the other well-known doctor that caused damage to my foot, however, my biggest regret is…not finding Dr. Burk sooner!
-Stawny H

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