With the beginning of the new year upon us, it seems to always inspire people to become better. At this time of year, people around the world are found setting “new years resolutions”. This is usually to improve their personal and/or professional lives. We at Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle are no different. As a foot and ankle specialty practice, we have many goals, resolutions, and hopes to improve ourselves as well as the service we provide to the communities in which we serve.

One of the areas we have elected to improve on this year is our website, and in particular, maintaining and updating our blog. This has been a weak point on our end, and something we are now committed to maintaining. We hope this blog will create an educational, informative, and interactive way for us to communicate to our patients, members of our community, and those who are seeking advice and more accurate information regarding certain symptoms, diagnoses, and equipment associated with the foot and ankle.

Therefore, our goal is to provide a weekly message to our patients, supporters, and followers. We are encouraging patients to post comments, ask questions, request topic reviews, or inquire further regarding information about a certain topic. We hope this will become a resource for patients as well as a way for us to provide information and communicate with the community we are engaged in. Please look for future blog posts which will be found on our website at rockyfootandankle.com. We look forward to hearing from you.