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Ankle Instability Treatment

Ankle Instability and Its Symptoms


Chronic ankle instability is defined by the outer (lateral) side of the ankle “giving way” on a regular basis. Repeated ankle sprains are a common cause of this syndrome. The “giving way” usually happens while walking or doing other activities, but it can also happen while standing still. Chronic ankle instability affects many athletes as well as others.


Some signs and symptoms of chronic ankle instability include ankle turning that occurs frequently, particularly on uneven ground or when participating in sports. Consistent (chronic) soreness and swelling, as well as pain or tenderness, and a weak or unstable ankle.

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Chronic Ankle Instability

Ankle Instability Causes And Care


Chronic ankle instability commonly arises after an ankle sprain that has not healed properly or has not been fully recovered. The connective tissues (ligaments) in your ankle are stretched or ripped when you sprain it. The ability to balance is frequently impaired. To strengthen the muscles around the ankle and “retrain” the tissues within the ankle that affect balance, proper rehabilitation is required. Failure to do so could lead to recurrent ankle sprains.


Chronic ankle instability is frequently caused by – and perpetuated by – repeated ankle sprains. Each recurrent sprain causes the ligaments to weaken (or stretch), resulting in increased instability and the risk of developing additional ankle problems.


The degree of instability or lack of response to non-surgical treatments may lead the podiatrist to recommend surgery in some circumstances. The injured ligament is usually repaired or rebuilt after surgery. Based on the severity of the instability and your level of activity, the surgeon will choose the surgical method that is ideal for you. Depending on the operation or procedures performed, the recovery period will vary in length.

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