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Children’s Flat Feet Treatment

Pediatric flat feet is a condition in which the sole of the child’s foot contacts the ground in entirety with a noted loss of the arch. This condition also known as calcaneal valgus in medical terminology, pes planus or fallen arches occurs when the foot’s arch either fails to develop or collapses. This is typically observed in children over the age of 4 as children under this age will all have some measure of “chubby” feet or no visible arch.

Children with symptomatic flat feet may display some of the following symptoms, an outward tilt at the heel, awkward sitting positions, lack of coordination or awkwardness when walking, difficulty with moving the foot up and down or around from side to side, feeling pain or tenderness anywhere from the foot to the knee, pain or difficulty wearing shoes and withdrawing from physical activities.

Pediatric flat feet can also be a symptom of misaligned feet which can cause the child to have an inward rolling of the ankles, also known as Hyperpronation. This is usually the result of a genetic tendency from one or both parents. Left untreated, this can lead to a myriad of other symptoms including adult flat feet, foot pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, bunions and hammertoe.

If you’re concerned that your child may have flat feet- give us a call and let our physicians take a look. A consultation may include a gait exam, X-rays and a physical examination of the feet and legs.

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