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Bone Spur Treatment

What Are Bone Spurs?


Bone spurs are bony growths that form where one bone meets another. The growth is normally smooth and less than a centimeter in length. A bone spur takes years to form, which is one of the reasons why age is the highest risk factor.


Bone spurs can form everywhere on the body, but they’re most common in the foot, hips, shoulder, knees, and spine. They usually form in the front of the heel or in the center of the top of the foot when they occur in the foot.


Bone spurs, whether on the heel or at the top of the foot, are most commonly caused by advanced age. This is due in part to normal wear and tear, which causes cartilage to break down over time. When this happens, your body attempts to mend itself by producing extra bone, which can lead to bone spurs.


As you get older, you’re more prone to get osteoarthritis. This chronic illness leads to bone and joint deterioration, which results in the body producing excess bone – and the formation of a bone spur. Other causes include excess weight, compressive shoes, activities that increase stress on the feet, previous diagnosis of plantar fasciitis and or flat feet.

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Bone Spurs

Bone Spur Diagnosis


People are often unaware that they have a bone spur since it is painless. When the patient feels pain, it’s because the spur has come into contact with other tissues, especially nerves.


A foot or heel spur can cause the following symptoms in addition to pain: The affected area may be reddened, swollen, or heated. Joint mobility is hindered by stiffness or other constraints. Standing and weight-bearing tasks may be difficult to execute.


Heel spurs frequently rub up on the plantar fascia, causing pain that is similar to plantar fasciitis. When a podiatrist diagnoses plantar fasciitis, it’s fairly common for them to find a bone spur. In about half of plantar fasciitis patients, a heel spur may develop.


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