Dear Dr. Burk:

I have this crazy problem.  My right foot is vibrating or buzzing. It feels just like there is a cell phone in my shoe and it vibrates for a few seconds, then stops, then does it again.  I didn’t injure my foot.  It doesn’t hurt. It just vibrates intermittently like a cell phone.  It’s driving me nutty. What could be causing my foot vibration? 

Miranda H., Boise, Idaho

Dear Miranda,

It sounds like you are experiencing “fasciculation”, or muscle spasms in the foot.  Fasciculation can occur when a muscle is overworked, pulled or used incorrectly.  Perhaps the nerve in your foot has been pinched or injured in some way.

Foot buzzing can also be brought on by stress or a salt deficiency in your diet.

When your body reacts like this it is trying to protect itself.  Here are some tips on stopping the vibration in your foot.

How to Stop the Vibrating in Your Foot

  1. Massage the affected area in your foot
  2. Apply heat.
  3. Eat a banana daily.
  4. Take a potassium supplement; 100 milligrams daily for a week. You should notice the vibration dispersing after a few days of taking potassium.
  5. Drink mineral water or seltzer water.

If you have tried these remedies for a week and you still have a vibration in your foot, then I recommend making an appointment with a podiatrist near you. There may be something more serious going on.  A podiatrist can perform an examination to determine the cause of your foot buzzing and to develop a solution that works for you.

Dr. Roman Burk Podiatrist

Dr. Roman Burk Podiatrist

Dr. Roman Burk is a podiatrist at Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle. He completed his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2004. Dr. Burk is accepting new patients.