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An ankle sprain happens when the foot rolls in, a rapid movement or twist might overstretch the supporting ligaments, resulting in ligament rips and bleeding around the joint. This is a common injury in sports that entail a lot of running, jumping, and changing directions (such as basketball and football). Ankle sprains are very common in some persons.

Ligaments are the connective tissue that connects the bones of your ankle. The ligaments in your ankle might stretch or rip if you twist or spin it in an odd way. If it is sprained, your ankle may hurt even if you aren’t standing on it. Your ankle may be swollen or bruised and you may not be able to move it very well.

You should go to the doctor if your ankle hurts badly, if you can’t walk or stand on your ankle, or if your foot is cold or numb. You also should go to the doctor if you have diabetes or another serious illness and you think you have an ankle injury, even if you aren’t sure how badly it’s hurt.

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Ankle Sprain


To help prevent an ankle sprain from occurring it is important to wear shoes that are comfortable. Stretch before and after your workout. Strengthening the muscles that control the ankle are also an important step in preventing injuries to the ankle. This is especially true of strengthening the peroneal muscles.

If you’ve ever had a sprain, talk to your doctor about what you can do to support your ankle when you’re active. Consult your doctor for advice on how to avoid an ankle injury while participating in sports.

Ankle sprains are common in some people. This can be caused by a combination of things, such as ligament scarring and extra looseness as a result of previous ankle sprains, or insufficient rehabilitation after previous sprains. This can cause weak muscles to develop around the ankle joint, particularly on the outside (peroneal muscles). It can also produce a proprioceptive deficit, which is the inability to judge where your foot is in relation to your leg.

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