Welcome to Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle’s blog! We hope that this serves to help our patients and potential patients make decisions about their health. I will be publishing at least one update per month on topics related to the foot and ankle and hope to get your feedback! Think of this as a way to interact with your doctor without having to see your doctor! Think of this as a forum to discuss topics of health and fitness or specific problems with the feet! I will do my best to entertain and enlighten, so keep those questions coming.

    • 02 JAN 17
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    Are Shoes with Wheels Bad for Your Children’s Feet and Ankles?

    By Dr. Roman Burk Over the last 15 years or so, shoes with wheels (called “heelies”) have been extremely popular among kids and teens. Though the initial craze has died down some, this is still a shoe that kids love to wear. But you’re probably wondering; are shoes with wheels in the heels really a

    • 06 DEC 16
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    Ask the Foot Doctor: Why is my Foot Vibrating?

    Dear Dr. Burk: I have this crazy problem.  My right foot is vibrating or buzzing. It feels just like there is a cell phone in my shoe and it vibrates for a few seconds, then stops, then does it again.  I didn’t injure my foot.  It doesn’t hurt. It just vibrates intermittently like a cell

    • 30 NOV 16
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    What Causes Stinky Feet and How to Get Rid of It

    By Dr. Roman Burk, Recently we had a birthday party for my teen son. We had around six or seven teen boys over to play some games, football mostly, and then sleep over. They had a great day of play, and when it came time to wind down we had them all come into the

    • 14 NOV 16
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    Simple steps that help people with diabetes keep their feet healthy

    A diabetes diagnosis can be daunting, but a simple attitude adjustment can make a world of difference in how well you fare while living with the disease. When people with diabetes take proactive steps to monitor key health indicators, experts agree that it’s possible to prevent some of the most severe risks of diabetes, including

    • 08 NOV 16
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    Practical, protective foot health steps for people with diabetes

    Healthy feet are essential for overall good health, no matter your age, fitness level, or physical challenges. For people with diabetes, however, taking care of their feet is especially vital. More than 60 percent of all non-traumatic lower-limb amputations worldwide are related to complications from the disease, according to the American Diabetes Association. A 2012

    • 29 APR 16
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    Shoe shopping for kids: A parent’s guide to a year-round task

    What is it about children’s feet that make them seem like the fastest-growing part of their bodies? With back-to-school shopping behind you for another year, you might hope you can stop spending on shoes—at least until flip-flop season arrives with spring. But kids’ feet do grow year round, right along with the rest of them.

    • 24 APR 16
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    Kick-start kids’ summer with shoe-shopping tips for parents

    When it comes to the health of your children, you do everything you can to help them grow up healthy and strong. You get them vaccinated, take them to the dentist and optometrist, and you do your best to ensure they eat a nutritious diet that will help them grow. But are you aware of

    • 15 APR 16
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    Fighting The Five Most Common Foot Woes

    From eating better foods to getting an adequate amount of sleep and exercise, we live in a very health-conscious society. So why is it that many Americans routinely overlook one of the cornerstones of good health? While nearly 70 percent of Americans say they want to be healthier five years from now, just 51 percent

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