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Pediatric Podiatry

At Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle, our caring, compassionate foot doctors understand and treat the foot problems of children. Our doctors have not only studied the unique foot problems of children, but they are parents themselves!  Dr. Roman Burk was specifically trained in children’s foot and ankle problems during his residency and treats a number of pediatric patients.  If your child is having foot or ankle pain,  is unable to walk or run correctly, seems to have pidgeon toes or has other foot and ankle problems, Dr. Burk can help. Additionally, Dr. Burk was personally trained by Dr. Ignacio Ponsetti, the forefather of nonsurgical corrective treatment for pediatric clubfoot deformities. If your child is having specific problems with their feet, don’t wait! Find out what our doctors can do to help!


Flatfoot Deformity


Heel Pain (Severe’s Disease)


Clubfoot Deformity


Pigeon Toe


Pediatric Bunions


Tarsal Coalitions


Gait Problems & Disorders


Metatarsus Adductus

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