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Ankle and Foot Pain

Ankle and  foot pain is nothing to fool around with! If you have an injury, don’t wait to be treated and don’t assume that just because there’s a medical clinic that they know everything about your injury! Correct treatment and recovery from a fracture, tendon injuries or ankle ligament damage should be left to an expert! Some of these injuries may require surgery while others can be treated with a variety of non-invasive methods. If left untreated or incorrectly treated, you may be gambling with an even worse problem! If you have an injury call us for same day appointments! Your feet have to last a lifetime, make sure they do if you have an injury!


Achilles Tendon Ruptures


Ankle fractures


Lisfranc Injuries


Puncture wounds & Foreign Bodies


Jones Fractures


Ankle ligament Ruptures


Foot Fractures


Skin Lacerations


Toe Fractures

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